l’Espiguette Beach

Espiguette beach is the best beach near Montpellier

I think while not a shadow of a doubt, Espiguette beach is that the best beach close to Montpellier, France. placed to the east of LE Grau de Roi, this white sandy beach encompasses a wild inhospitable look. 

At the rear of the Espiguette beach you have got these tremendous sand dunes and you tend to urge some rollers returning in off ocean|the ocean} at this time of the coast (the sea at La Grande Motte and Carnon tends to be a touch flat). do not expect any restaurants or cafes near , however that’s the explanation why you come back here. There are a couple of pop-up beach bars on the eighteen kilometer stretch of Espiguette beach (probably one amongst the simplest ones is close to the big park at the Lighhouse finish of the beach).

It is technically potential to succeed in Espiguette beach by transport from Montpellier. you’ll be able to take a neighborhood train from Montpellier to lupus erythematosus Grau de Roi or as an alternative, the 106 bus will stop off in lupus erythematosus Grau de Roi once visiting Aigues-Mortes (see Montpellier Transport Herault). From the centre of lupus erythematosus Grau de Roi, you’ll be able to take a neighborhood bus (C32) that runs past the government building and also the marine museum. From here you’ll be able to access the western finish of Espiguette beach.

It is a lot of less complicated to access the simplest elements of L’Espiguette beach by automotive. From Montpellier center, either head North towards Lunel so follow the signs to Aigues-Mortes and autoimmune disorder Grau Delaware Roi, or as an alternative follow the D66 out of Montpellier towards Montpellier airdrome and Arena. once stage, continue on the road towards Palavas and Carnon, before taking the D62 towards La Grande Motte. Continue past La Grande Motte so follow the signs for autoimmune disorder Grau Delaware Roi. You don’t need to move into autoimmune disorder Grau Delaware Roi itself, however instead you ought to follow the by-pass road that runs on the Etang (salt water lagoon) at the rear of autoimmune disorder Grau Delaware Roi. Continue on this road for as so much as you’ll go (past the park, Campsites and Camargue horse stables). you may then see a symbol to “l’Espiguette”. At the tip of this road you may hit an oversized parking lot at the rear of the beach.

Le Grau de Roi is a nice enough place to catch a beer or a meal besides the river. The aquarium here is also very good.

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